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Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager

You can see, edit, and share all information in the network. You can also run and use a wide variety of applications directly on your control:

  • Technical drawings and CAD data

  • NC programs

  • Tool data, work instructions, and parts lists

  • Warehouse information

  • MES (manufacturing execution systems)

  • ERP systems (enterprise resource planning)

  • Web applications and e-mail

How Remote Desktop Manager works

Remote Desktop Manager lets you conveniently switch between the standard control screen and the user interface of a Windows PC by pushing a button on the keyboard. This can be a computer in the local network or an industrial PC in the machine's electrical cabinet.

Take your office to the machine

Turn your shop floor into a full-fledged part of an efficient process chain. Remote Desktop Manager lets you use even resource-intensive CAD/CAM applications on your control without affecting the machine performance or the quality of CNC machining.


Remote Desktop Manager
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