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Programming stations

Stations for lathe and milling controls

  • Free demo version

  • Full version, single station license

  • Full version, 14-station network license

  • Full version, 20-station network license

  • With a virtual keyboard or TNC operating panel


The programming station avoids machine idle time by allowing programs to be created, tested, and optimized away from the machine. The programming station keyboard is based on the actual machine keyboard, so everything is familiar.

Reliable simulations

HEIDENHAIN programming stations are based on the same software used by the controls. Programming and program verification are done the same as on the machine. This raises the certainty that a program created on the programming station will run smoothly and without interruption in real life.

Realistic simulation graphics

The programming station’s detailed simulation graphics provide a precise and realistic machining preview. As a result, proper program entry, smooth machining processes, and desired surface quality can be checked before machining.

Free demo version

For testing purposes, the programming station is also available in a demo version. It contains all of the control’s functions and can save short programs. Program length is limited, but all other functions are fully usable.

Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is a realistic model of the machine on a programming station, thereby bringing the machine’s real-life kinematics, parameters, and functions to the office. The HEIDENHAIN Service department creates a backup of the machine that can then be easily uploaded to the programming station.


Programming stations
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