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LIP 300 series

Incremental linear encoder with very high accuracy

  • For high-accuracy linear axes up to 270 mm long

  • Very small measuring step (<1 nm)

  • Very high repeatability

  • Measuring standard on a carrier plate

  • Interface: 1 VPP

Decoupled scale

The measuring standard of the LIP 382 lies on a screw-mountable carrier plate that fully decouples the scale from thermal influences and the machine. This carrier plate is made of a special iron-nickel alloy with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Exceptional accuracy

The LIP exposed linear encoders use interferential scanning. Their measuring standard is a phase grating on a glass-ceramic graduation carrier. These linear encoders feature extremely small measuring steps and exceptional accuracy.

Easy installation

Thanks to very short signal periods and high resolution, the LIP 382 is perfect for high-precision applications. The mounting tolerances of the LIP 382 are unusually wide for such high-accuracy encoders, permitting easy installation. Your collection is already set up for you with fields and content. Add your own content or import it from a CSV file. Add fields for any type of content you want to display, such as rich text, images, and videos. Be sure to click Sync after making changes in a collection, so visitors can see your newest content on your live site.


LIP 300 series
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