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TS 460

  • High probing accuracy: ±5 µm (with the T404 standard stylus)

  • High probing repeatability for very high measurement quality: 2 σ ≤ 1 µm

  • Radio or infrared signal transmission (does not interefere with tool touch probe)

  • Enhanced collision protection option

  • Interfaces: HTL or EnDat 2.2 (via transceiver unit)

  • Protection rating: IP68

Effective collision protection

Prevent damage to the machine and spindle: along with a predetermined break point on the styli, there is a collision protection option that also thermally decouples the touch probe. Upon collision with the workpiece or workholding equipment, the touch probe gives way, thus preventing costly damage.

Reliable workpiece cleaning

Droplets on the workpiece do not affect measurement, but chip residues could. Jets integrated into the touch probe can clean chips from the workpiece at a pressure of up to 60 bar. The machine must be equipped accordingly.

Convenient TNC operation

When used with an SE 661 transceiver (EnDat interface), touch probes from HEIDENHAIN are easy to configure on a TNC screen. You can check the infrared or radio signal strength, perform a radio channel scan, or view the battery charge.

High performance

Reduce idle times: the very first probing point is a dependable measurement, thus eliminating the need for repeated probing. This high probing repeatability also reduces idle times even at high probing speeds.


TS 460
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