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SRP 5000 series

SRP series

Absolute and incremental angle encoder modules with integrated precision bearing and motor

  • System accuracy: ±2.5” to ±5”

  • Signal periods: 16 384 to 30 000

  • Hollow through shaft diameter: 32 mm

  • Self-contained solution for highly accurate rotary axes

  • Up to 80% fewer components in the application

  • Extremely low cogging torque

  • High speed stability and positioning accuracy

  • Interfaces: 1 VPP, EnDat

High-accuracy scanning

Extremely small measuring steps with utmost accuracy: the SRP 5080 angle encoder modules use interferential scanning, with a phase grating as their measuring standard.

Compact design

This model's torque motor, positioned parallel to the encoder and bearing, makes for an extremely compact design, lending high rigidity to the complete system and yielding very high positioning accuracy.

Easy installation

These angle encoder modules consist of a preloaded bearing unit with a mounted angle encoder. Precise alignment and adjustment of the angle encoder modules is not required. Centering collars on the mating components further facilitate installation.

Optimum motion control

Thanks to its zero-cogging characteristics, the slotless torque motor of the SRP modules does not disturb the high-precision bearing. This allows for exceptionally uniform motion control and positioning accuracy.


SRP 5000 series
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