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ECA 4000 series

ECA 4000 series

Absolute optical angle encoders for very high accuracy demands

  • Very high accuracy and excellent signal quality

  • Steel scale drum with three-point centering or centering collar

  • Graduation accuracy: ±1.5” to ±3”

  • Line counts: 8195 to 44 000

  • Signal period: 40 μm

  • Diameters: 104 mm to 560 mm

  • Interfaces: EnDat 2.2, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Panasonic

Reliable scanning

The ECA 4000 series angle encoders offer scanning reliability thanks to large scanning fields and special signal processing. This, combined with their robust graduation and wide mounting and operating tolerances make for a dependable complete system.

Universally deployable

Universal usage is possible thanks to a wide range of drum diameters, drum geometries, graduation accuracies, and interfaces. Applications include highly accurate rotary axes in machine tools, fast rotating spindles, and highly accurate applications in the metrology and electronics industries.


ECA 4000 series
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