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ROC 7000 series

ROC 7000 series

Absolute angle encoders for separate shaft coupling

  • System accuracy of ±2”

  • Solid shaft with ∅ 14 mm

  • Position values per revolution: 28 bits

  • Interfaces: EnDat 2.2, Fanuc Serial Interface αi, Mitsubishi high speed interface

High accuracy

These angle encoders feature a high line count of 16,384 lines and excellent signal quality. The benefits are a high 28-bit resolution and smooth motor operating behavior.

High shaft speeds and wide mounting tolerances

The solid shaft of the ROC 7000 series angle encoders is connected to the measured shaft via a separate coupling. This allows axial tolerances of up to ±1 mm, even under high shaft speeds.


ROC 7000 series
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