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ECN 2000 series

ECN 2000 series

Absolute angle encoders with mounted stator coupling

  • System accuracy of ±10”

  • Hollow through shaft with ∅ 50 mm

  • Position values per revolution: 25 bits

  • Interfaces: EnDat 2.2, Fanuc Serial Interface αi, Mitsubishi high speed interface

Compact design with large hollow shaft

Even with a 50 mm diameter hollow shaft, the ECN 2000 series angle encoders are highly compact and therefore suitable for tight installation spaces. The mounted stator coupling connects the measured shaft directly to the angle encoder shaft.

Medium accuracy

With a line count of 2048, the ECN 2000 series angle encoders have a resolution of 25 bits. This, combined with their system accuracy of ±10″, make them suitable for rotatory axes with medium accuracy requirements.


ECN 2000 series
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