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OPC UA NC Shop Monitor

OPC UA NC Server: exchange data reliably in paperless production

The HEIDENHAIN OPC UA NC Server is a standardized and platform-independent communication interface for safely integrating machine tools into networked production. It ensures reliable processes in paperless production and saves time since it networks the HEIDENHAIN control with other equipment on the shop floor, such as tool presetters, or with StateMonitor. Your benefits:

  • Efficient production data acquisition

  • Current machine messages

  • Centralized automation

Anyone wishing to digitally network their manufacturing environment needs effective

technology with an assured future. Discover the HEIDENHAIN OPC UA NC Server, which

provides HEIDENHAIN controls with an interface based on the OPC UA standard. This

internationally standardized and widespread communication technology makes it fast and

easy to connect machines to your production IT.

Effortlessly connect standard software applications, and save considerable time when

implementing your own customized solutions.

Efficient process data acquisition

Software applications for process data acquisition (PDA) provide a real-time view of the

production status and productivity of your machines.

Is the current job still running, or was there an interruption?

How long did it take to run the job?

For questions like these, your PDA application requires information from your machine's

CNC control. The HEIDENHAIN OPC UA NC Server reliably delivers the required

information, thus providing a foundation for efficient process data acquisition. The analysis

and presentation of your production data are key factors in attaining process transparency

and optimization.

Versatile extensibility

Whether you record your production data, provide maintenance personnel with current

machine messages or automate your machine, the HEIDENHAIN OPC UA NC Server

provides proven information models to make your job easier.

It’s the fast and flexible way to more information.

The machine manufacturer can extend the HEIDENHAIN OPC UA NC Server, giving you access to additional sensors, machine subsystems or values from PLC programs. As a result, you can provide your applications not just with raw data, but also with relevant units of measure, limit values, and other

information from your machine through OPC UA

Your path to OPC UA applications

The HEIDENHAIN OPC UA NC Server is available on the following controls:

  • TNC7: software version 81762x-16 and later

  • TNC 640: software version 34059x-10 and later

  • TNC 620: software version 81760x-08 and later

You can connect up to six OPC UA applications, each through one of the software options

56 to 61. With an OPC UA-capable industrial application and a network-connected machine,

you can test the software option once for 90 days.


OPC UA NC Shop Monitor
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