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Digital Twin

Realistic simulation for reliable production processes

In the office, the Digital Twin lets you leverage the actual kinematics, parameters, and functions of your machine during part design, program creation, and simulation:

  • Check and optimize traversing paths

  • Prevent program interruptions

  • Avoid collisions

  • Make full use of the machine's work envelope

  • Test five-axis movements

  • Inspect and optimize the clamping position

Virtual setup: simulations with real workholding

Setting up the machine is a key work step. Valuable machine time is lost when a part needs

to be rechucked, and collision with a clamping element can cause expensive damage. The

digital twin helps you avoid these additional costs.

The digital twin monitors the actual machining environment, including the workholding

scenario. Clamping elements are selected and positioned via insertion points. The

programming station graphically renders the machine components, workpiece, tool, and

workholding system, checking them for collisions that would occur during machining.

Fast and reliable production

Determine exact machining times

  • Calculate costs and deadlines

Check and optimize tool paths

  • Prevent program interruptions

  • Avoid collisions

  • Make full use of the work envelope

  • Test complex 5-axis movements

Check and optimize the clamping position

  • Reduce setup and changeover times

  • Avoid collisions

Vocational training

  • Gain realistic practice in a safe context

On the shop floor, you benefit from reduced setup and simulation times, less program debugging, greater process reliability, and higher productivity.

Beyond helping you create a verified NC program, the Digital Twin also supports you with quoting, job planning, and expert-level TNC training:

Determine the exact machining times

Calculate costs and completion dates

Provide realistic training in NC programming

Easy steps to a Digital Twin

01 Consultation and identifying your exact requirements

Please contact our nearest subsidiary. Find out which one here.

02 Individualized quote

We prepare an individualized quote based on your machine data.

03 Placing an order

You review our quote and place an order directly through the NC programming helpline.

04 Creating a Digital Twin

We adapt the programming station and send you a backup file of the data.

05 Importing the backup file

You import the backup file into all equivalent programming stations at your company.


Digital Twin
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