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ND 200 series

ND 200 series

Readout for measuring and positioning tasks with up to two axes

Easy operation and user guidance

  • Recording and evaluation of measurement series

  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  • Graphical evaluations

  • Switching functions for simple automated tasks

Standardized data interfaces

The ND 200 digital readouts are equipped with serial interfaces (USB and V.24/RS-232-C) for transmitting measurements to a PC, inputting and outputting parameters and compensation value lists, and running diagnostics.

Convenient part sorting

The sorting function allows workpieces to be checked for dimensional accuracy and classified. For automation solutions, you can further process these classification signals through integrated switching outputs.

Fail-safe memory

To prevent losing data during a power failure, up to 1000 measured values are stored in the nonvolatile FIFO memory for Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Statistical evaluations

The ND 200 series digital readouts let you save multiple measurement series and display maximum, minimum, or difference values for review. These values can be checked for tolerance compliance via sorting functions.


ND 200 series
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